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Cornerstone Clinic

Air Barrier, Membrane Flashing

  • Date: Feb 2019
  • Client: Kendall Kasper, Inc.
  • Project Type: Waterproofing

About this Project

On this clinic we spray applied an air barrier, STS FW-100A, at specified thickness and applied membrane flashing on the frame surrounding the window openings.

    From the Manufacturer

    STS Coatings newest product, Wall Guardian® FW-100-A is an AIR and WATER BARRIER, VAPOR RETARDER (breathable) product that can be sprayed or rolled onto the wall surface. This product is designed to use in cavity wall constructions, such as, steel stud construction, insulated (extruded polystyrene), CMU/ Brick veneer cavity wall construction and Insulated tilt-up construction. This product can be used for both commercial or residential construction.